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Forming is the metalworking operation of shaping metal parts through permanent mechanical deformation. This process is characterized by extremely high loads and stresses, that have to be accommodated by heavy and large machinery. At present, RKB provides many players of the sector with its engineering expertise and top-quality products to meet a wide range of bending and shearing needs.


  • Axial forming machines
  • Wire drawing machines
  • Flat and profile wire rolling mills
  • Ultra-precision rolling mills
  • Strip rolling mills
  • Cross-section rolling mills
  • Billet rolling mill (cold forming)
  • Mechanical, electric, and hydraulic presses
  • Eccentric presses
  • Die opener presses
  • One-cylinder hydraulic portal presses for steel plates rectifying
  • C-frame hydraulic presses for shipyards
  • Multi-slide hydraulic presses
  • Inclinable mechanical presses
  • Presses for the production of plates for heat exchangers
  • Presses for hot forming
  • Hot forging presses
  • Bending machines and calenders (plate rolling machines, angle roll)
  • Variable axis plate bending machine