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Our values

At RKB, the supreme commitment is to create real value for all stakeholders each and every day, 365 days per year. RKB people are devoted to building a better company for a better future.


«Chasing the art of excellence in the bearing industry»


At RKB, we believe that excellence can be obtained if one:

  • cares more than others think is wise
  • risks more than others think is safe
  • dreams more than others think is practical
  • expects more than others think is possible


This is the spirit behind every single choice and action at RKB, from the research and development of leading-edge products, always in tune with the latest needs and challenges of the market, to the post-sales services.


«To be The Alternative Power in the bearing industry»


What is essential to accomplish this mission? To answer this question, it is crucial to emphasize that the global bearing industry is characterized, on the one hand, by an oligopoly of producers that detain approximately 80% of the market, and, on the other hand, by a fragmentation of smaller manufacturers.


Among these, only RKB is fully integrated like the major brands. In fact, at RKB we strongly believe that only by the full control of the production chain, from the purchasing of steel to after-sales services, it is possible to meet the requirements of the most demanding western markets which make up the core target of our company.


«To provide customers worldwide with a consistent source of tangible competitive advantages thanks to our pioneering business model in the bearing industry»


The elements of the equation that generate the superior value added that we deliver to our customers are:

  • Swiss engineering for cutting-edge solutions and extremely advanced R&D
  • advanced manufacturing technologies
  • long experience gained through work in the most advanced western markets, attained also through co-engineering with the most challenging and demanding market leaders
  • directly owned and controlled production facilities
  • fast and flexible production chain
  • Capital-intensive strategic stock



At RKB, we are specialized in supplying top-quality products at the best possible price. Our principle is to put the customer’s needs first because our job is your business satisfaction. Our modern plants and logistics warehouses around the world provide us with the assurance that our customers will always link the word “satisfaction” with our brand name.