RKB is increasing its market share in the Marine Industry

As known, the marine industry can be divided into two major segments. Marine and offshore engineering involves production and work of large structures, typically for the exploitation of resources such as oil and gas in a marine environment. The shipyard sector, instead, refers to the shipbuilding and ship repair activities. Over the years, RKB successfully met the special requirements of various manufacturers, including some world market leaders, in these segments, by offering reliable and effective bearings.

Following regular deliveries to leading companies in the marine industry, RKB consolidated its position as a major worldwide supplier of special rolling bearings for this sector. From recreational watercraft to frigates and large ships, RKB continues to provide bearings with competitive operational and ROI performance.

RKB offers products for countless maritime applications, including bearings for intermediate and main shafts, which are crucial parts of a vessel that transmit power to the propellers.