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Procurement compliance procedure for technological bearings

The knowledge and experience gained over the years, along with the close cooperation with international academic centers, have enabled RKB to establish the steps of the procurement compliance procedure for technological bearings. For reasons of responsibility and transparency, all customers are invited to read thoroughly and follow carefully the following roadmap:


Signing of non-disclosure agreement (where required);


Commercial evaluation (price, delivery terms and conditions);


Technical merit evaluation (application analysis and evaluation, project development, bearing size and type selection, bearing load calculations for verification, bearing engineering and design, bearing drawings, setting and tuning, guidelines and instructions, technical specifications and protocols, advanced software engineering, traceability validation);


Supplier evaluation: standing (including assets, liabilities, equity and capital expenditures), general information, essential background and qualifications;


Representations and warranties (certifications, affidavits, declarations and references);


Visits, audits and approval of operations and supply chain (level of integration);


Laboratory analyses and certifications;


Tests/trials on the application and certifications;


Homologation formalities (product meets regulatory standards and specifications).

This procedure is of paramount importance to ensure high levels of product reliability and quality, and to guarantee the correctness of the relationship with clients. In fact, by establishing the rights, obligations and responsibility in the procurement process of technological bearings, the compliance procedures have the objective of ensuring that:


products are in conformity with related International Standards and/or technical documentation;

expected characteristics, parameters and performance are accomplished;

deals are executed in transparency, without misleading or deceiving conduct with regard to corporate and product consistency and reliability, through an appropriate scoring model.