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Are you a person who wants to work in a company where your professional contribution counts and your individual development matters? Where you are supported to develop your knowledge and competence to drive a challenging career path? Are you looking for a truly international working environment? In an organization that is built around people from various cultures and diverse backgrounds? Do you want to develop your career in a company that is driving the development in its field?

Then RKB Bearing Industries is your preferred employer.

At RKB Bearing Industries, you can make a significant contribution faster. We've created a global orientation and on-boarding program to make our associates ready for performance from day one. You'll be welcomed to RKB Bearing Industries with a "Passport to Success", which provides a roadmap of our orientation program. You'll learn about our business through hands-on experience as well as core training, virtual tours, on-line tutorials, webinars and more. Your hiring manager and on-boarding partner will also help you navigate your journey, build relationships and identify ways you can make a difference.