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Technological bearings are developed for heavy engineering applications in presence of severe or critical conditions. At RKB, we specialize in working toe to toe with the customer also in co-engineering to find efficient solutions.

Our experienced Technical Team Unit has developed technological bearings and assemblies for several OEM and MRO customers in numerous industries such as iron and steel, power transmission, wind, pulp and paper, cement and construction, railway, general heavy machinery and many others.

Here are just a few examples of special projects, involving technological and application-optimized bearings, that the RKB Bearing Industries Group has realized:

•  Project "ABI" - Boiler for power generation

•  Project "MDU" - Main drive unit of tunnel boring machines

•  Project "EPB" - Conveyor systems for tunnel boring machines

•  Project "241 KPP VL" - Pulp and paper calender mill

•  Project "Dutch Zeeland" - Bridge and dam lifting systems

•  Project "AlpDrill" - Tunnel drilling machines

•  Project "BBLS" - Vertical lifting systems for bridge

•  Project "KC-PAN01" - Heavy lift dockside crane winches

•  Project "Fremm Program" - Main shaft of Navy frigate

•  Project "Fremm Program II" - Azimuthal retractable thruster

•  Project "Stabilizer Fin" - Gyrofin stabilizer system

•  Project "Clipper" - Masts and spars of sailing yachts

•  Project "MSC" - Rack and pinion jacking system in offshore platform

•  Project "TQI 80" - Critical rolling mill work roll

•  Project "GB2DXS1" - Rolling mill stand with automatic roll changing device

•  Project "SDB" - Screw-down mechanism of high reversing finishing stand

•  Project "NNTR/SPA" - Slab conveyor chain of hot strip mill

•  Project "SRB" - Special guide rolls of continuous slab casting machine

•  Project "Multiroll EVO" - Back-up rolls of rolling mill stands

•  Project "TQOS/AVS2" - Work rolls of hot rolling mill stands

•  Project "TRU" - Sinter pallet car wheels

•  Project "SSRB" - Rolling mill drive shaft balancing device

•  Project "ROVSX" - Vibrating screen applications

•  Project "Crusher V.M." - Tyre rolls of vertical mill

•  Project "Crusher C.C." - Cone type crusher

•  Project "SCRB" - Bucket wheel excavator main shaft

•  Project "Crusher V.M. 2" - Vertical mill grinding rolls

•  Project "E.M. Gear" - Trencher flywheel gearbox

•  Project "H.M. 1" - Horizontal mill press rolls

•  Project "Wind Mill" - Wind multiplicators

•  Project "ASI" - Motion control drivers and motors

•  Project "WOR" - Concrete mixer gearbox

•  Project "Dumper Transmission" - Front and rear axles of dump trucks

•  Project "WW" - Gearbox for the city bus on tyres "Phileas"

•  Project "S12" - Home appliance electric motors